Forschungskostenzuschuss von KANAE FOUNDATION

Dendritic dynamics in somatosensory perception: Previous studies suggest that the process of sensory perception is correlated to the integration of top-down and bottom-up information in primary sensory cortices. It is not yet known what neuronal mechanisms underly the integration process. Based on anatomical and electrophysiological evidences, we hypothesize that perceptual behavior or experience depend on the generation of dendritic calcium spikes in layer 5 neurons in primary sensory cortices by the combined inputs of bottom-up and top-down signals. To test this hypothesis, we will first train mice to respond whisker stimuli by licking behavior. By varying the stimulus intensity, we will measure changes in dendritic calcium activity around the perceptual threshold of the whisker stimulation using two-photon in vivo imaging. In the end of the project, we will test the necessity for dendritic spiking in process of perception by using optogenetic manipulation of dendritic activity in layer 5 neurons.

Principal Investigators
Larkum, Matthew Prof. Dr. (Details) (Neuronal Plasticity)

Duration of Project
Start date: 11/2014
End date: 05/2016

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