Verbundvorhaben: Förderpädagogische Lehrkräfte in inklusiven Schulen (FoLis) - Teilprojekt: Qualitative Analysen zur Expertise und Berufszufriedenheit

The research design combines qualitative and quantitative methods. Based on a document evaluation of the legal framework for the use of special education teachers in four federal states (BE, HE, MV and NRW), information about the distribution modes at the level of education administration is collected by 16 expert interviews. This is followed by a guideline-based survey of school headmasters in the above-mentioned federal states (per federal state 2), which is used to develop a questionnaire for the use of special education teachers at the individual school level. The questionnaire survey is directed at 200 primary schools (per federal state 50), which are subjected to a cluster analysis in order to identify school-related task profiles. The clusters allow the identification of those schools where guided interviews are conducted with special education teachers (per state 12). The qualitative data will be analyzed in terms of content analysis, the quantitative data by means of correlation and regression analyzes, with the aim of identifying relationships between administrative and structural characteristics in individual schools including mandates, professional identity and individual work satisfaction. This knowledge will show successful practices for the use of special education teachers in inclusive schools.

Principal investigators
Moser, Vera Prof. Dr. (Details) (Learning Disabilities / Special Education)


Duration of project
Start date: 01/2018
End date: 12/2020

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