Numerical approaches for two-loop amplitudes

The project concerns developing a fully numerical approach to two-loop amplitudes in QCD. The method is expected to enable precision calculations which are currently unfeasible with conventional analytic solutions, but urgently required for LHC phenomenology. The main idea relies on introducing local subtraction terms at the loop integrand level and a direct contour deformation of the numerically evaluated loop momentum. This idea has already been pioneered for one-loop corrections and it is the goal of this project to explore its application to two-loop amplitudes. The method will be developed with an immediate focus on important collider processes in Higgs boson and top quark physics.

Principal Investigators
Schulze, Markus Dr. (Details) (Theoretical Physics / Phenomenology of Elementary Particles beyond the Standard Model)

participating organizational facilities of the HU

Duration of Project
Start date: 11/2017
End date: 10/2019

Research Areas
Particles, Nuclei and Fields

Research Areas
Theoretische Physik

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