VA: Lived body - Corporeality - Embodiment. Pedagogical Perspectives of a Phenomenology of the Lived body

The lived body is present and palpable – as a public, displayed, symbolic, shaped and enticed body it is encountered everywhere. In the course the so-called body turn, the lived body is recognized within social studies, gender studies and post-feminism as well as in the cognitive and medical sciences. In the history of philosophy and pedagogy, the lived body has been subject to marginalization and instrumentalization. This ‘forgetfulness of the lived body’ (Leibvergessenheit) meant the disciplining and normalization of the lived body for a long time. Contrary to this notion of the body, Phenomenology developed a precise understanding of the term lived body (Leib) in the early 20th century by redefining the relation of lived body and thinking with a non-dualistic theory. The discourse concerning lived body and body (Körper) has expanded in the last years. Interesting in this context is not only how phenomenological lived body approaches have differentiated theoretically and empirically. It is also interesting in the ways these approaches can be positioned and adjusted with regard to other approaches. In this symposium, we will discuss the topics of pedagogy and a phenomenology of the lived body in their relation to discourse-analytical theories and approaches from practice theory, which situate the lived body in the horizon of power and society. We will also focus on approaches from cognition theory, introducing the paradigm of embodiment, which connects the concepts of body, lived body and cognition. We will try to develop perspectives and approaches for theoretical and empirical phenomenological research in education and a pedagogical phenomenology of the lived body.

Principal Investigators
Brinkmann, Malte Prof. Dr. (Details) (Education Studies)

Duration of Project
Start date: 08/2017
End date: 11/2017

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