Solidarität im Wandel? BIM-Forschungs-Interventions- Cluster zum Thema Flucht und Frauen

Principal Investigators
Foroutan Mahin, Naika Prof. Dr. (Details) (Integration Research and Social Policy)
Blumenthal, Julia Prof. Dr. (Details) (German Politics)
Bojadzijev, Manuela (Details) (European Ethnology of Urban Areas and Cultures)
Braun, Sebastian Prof. Dr. (Details) (Sport Sociology)
Giesecke, Johannes Prof. Dr. (Details) (Empirical Social Science Research)
Kaschuba, Wolfgang Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (European Ethnology I)
Kroh, Martin Prof. Dr. (Details) (Social Research Methods, in particular Survey Methods and Survey Statistics)
Nobis, Tina Prof. Dr. (Details) (Sport, Integration and Migration)
Nowicka, Magdalena Prof. Dr. (Details) (Migration and Transnationalism)
Stanat, Petra Prof. Dr. (Details) (Educational Psychology (Learning, Instruction and Evaluation))
Yurdakul, Gökcecicek Prof. Dr. (Details) (Georg Simmel Professorship in Comparative Studies on Diversity and Social Conflicts)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2016
End date: 12/2016

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