FZ: Stable Transient Modeling and Simulation of Flow Networks (TP B27)

The simulation of flow networks plays a central role in the control of energy networks (gas, power, water transport) but is also of interest for a better understanding of electrophysiological processes in the human body. The project aims a modeling guideline for flow networks guaranteeing stable partial differential-algebraic equation systems (PDAEs). Furthermore, prototype space and time discretizations shall be identified to ensure stable numerical solutions for such network PDAEs. The first aim shall be achieved by a new analytic approach for abstract differential-algebraic equations combining monotonicity criteria for network element models with Lipschitz criteria for the coupling of the element models.
The second aim shall be realized by a combination of tools for directed graphs and space discretizations adapted to inflow and outflow boundary conditions.

Principal Investigators
Tischendorf, Caren Prof. Dr. (Details) (Applied Mathematics)

Duration of Project
Start date: 05/2012
End date: 05/2014

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