Dr. Nadja Kabisch

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Rall E., Kabisch N., Hansen R. (2015)
A comparative exploration of uptake and potential application of ecosystem services in urban planning
Ecosystem Services
Journal article
Haase D., Larondelle N., Andersson E., Artmann M., Borgström S., Breuste J., Gomez-Baggethun E., Gren A., Hamstead Z., Hansen R., Kabisch N., Kremer P., Langemeyer J., Rall E., McPhearson T., Pauleit S., Qureshi S., Schwarz N., Voigt A., Wurster D., Elmqvist T. (2014)
A quantitative review of urban ecosystem service assessments: Concepts, models, and implementation
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment
Journal article
Kabisch N., Haase D. (2014)
Green justice or just green? Provision of urban green spaces in Berlin, Germany
Landscape and Urban Planning
Journal article

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