Dr. Juliane Stiller

Projects as Principal Investigator

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España-Bonet C, Stiller J, Ramthun R, Genabith J, Petras V (2019)
Query Translation for Cross-Lingual Search in the Academic Search Engine PubPsych
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Metadata and Semantic Research. MTSR 2018
Conference proceedings article
Stiller J, Trkulja V (2018)
Assessing Digital Skills of Refugee Migrants during Job Orientation in Germany
Transforming Digital Worlds. iConference 2018
Conference proceedings article
Király P, Stiller J, Charles V, Bailer W, Freire N (2018)
Evaluating Data Quality in Europeana: Metrics for Multilinguality (forthcoming)
Stiller J, Petras V (2018)
Learning from Digital Library Evaluations: The Europeana Case
ABI Technik
Journal article
Petras V, Stiller J (2017)
A Decade of Evaluating Europeana - Constructs, Contexts, Methods & Criteria
21st International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL 2017
Conference proceedings article
Petras V, Stiller J (2017)
A decade of evaluating Europeana

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