Selecting digital children's books: an interview study
Journal article

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Author list: Schlebbe K
Journal: Information Research
Publication year: 2018
Volume number: 23
Issue number: 2
Publisher: Information Research
ISSN: 1368-1613


Introduction. The market for digital children's books is growing steadily. But the options vary in terms of quality and parents looking for suitable apps for young children can get overwhelmed quickly. This study seeks to answer how families search for suitable applications and what aspects are important to them while selecting. Method. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight families who have already gained experience in the use of digital children's books. The investigation focused on children aged one to seven years. Families were asked about specific approaches during the search for and the selection of appropriate media offerings. Analysis Different coding methods were applied for data analysis and analytical memos were used throughout the research process. Results. Search strategies and various selection criteria for selecting digital children's books could be identified. The analysis indicates that these criteria relate more to external characteristics and safety or privacy issues than to content-related features. Conclusions. While the statements of the parents interviewed for selecting printed children's books confirm the results of previous studies, their approaches for selecting digital children's books are significantly different. The interviews suggest that families are still insecure about the applications and their selection.