Vierte Jahrestagung des Forschungsnetzwerkes Recht und Entwicklung: Die Pluralität von Recht und Entwicklung

The fourth annual conference of the Law and Development Research Network (LDRN) will be organised by the Chair for Public Law and Comparative Law at Humboldt University of Berlin. As in prior conferences in Oostende, Antwerp and Leiden, we intend to bring together researchers from the Global South and North who are interested in law and development.The conference in general aims to investigate the plural nature of law and development as a field of study and practice. Plurality is a defining feature of the field and opens specific avenues for scholarly reflection: How do approaches to law and development differ between North and South, Europe and the US, theory and practice, doctrinal and interdisciplinary methods, research and teaching, international and domestic law, human rights and economic law etc.? How should we write and pluralize the histories of law and development? How did different national traditions of law and development evolve over time? And what holds this plurality of approaches and traditions together as a field?

The conference is meant to create synergies between the different partners within the network and beyond. It is open to participants from partner institutions as well as other interested academics and practitioners. We particularly encourage speakers from the Global South to participate and further pluralize the field and the network.

Dann, Philipp Prof. Dr. (Details) (Öffentliches Recht / Öffentliches Recht und Rechtsvergleichung)

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Projektende: 09/2019

Öffentliches Recht


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