RTG 1939/2: Philosophy, Science and the Sciences: The Dialogue among Different Forms and Models of Knowledge in Ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic Thought

The Research Training Group is devoted to the dialogue between different forms and models of knowledge in ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic philosophy and science. As an interdisciplinary programme, it brings together philosophers, classicists, arabists and historians of science and offers a structured doctoral programme in ancient philosophy and science.

Beere, Jonathan Prof. Dr. (Details) (Philosophy in Antiquity and History of Knowledge)

Other Team Members
Asper, Markus Prof. Dr. (Details) (Greek Studies)
Eijk, Philippus van der Prof. Dr. (Details) (Classical Antiquity Sciences and History of Science)
Graßhoff, Gerd Prof. Dr. (Details) (History of Science in Antiquity)
Niebergall, Karl Georg Prof. Dr. (Details) (Logics / Philosophy of Languages)
Rosefeldt, Tobias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Classical German Philosophy)

Participating external organizations

DFG: Graduiertenkollegs

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2019
End date: 09/2023

Research Areas

Research Areas
Antikenrezeption, Philosophie, Philosophie, Philosophiegeschichte, Edition

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