Analysis of the role of ribonucleoproteins in light-dependent regulation of chloroplast gene expression

cpRNPs are highly abundant, light-regulated plastid RNA-binding proteins. This project is designed to detect light-dependent changes in binding characteristics of cpRNPs via array-based methods. Parallel reverse genetic approaches will help to understand the functional role of this regulation. Null mutants and hypomorphic mutants incapable of the light-response will be isolated and analysed for qualitative and quantitative changes in the chloroplast transcript population.

Principal Investigators
Schmitz-Linneweber, Christian Prof. Dr. (Details) (Collaborative Research Centre 429 'Molecular Physiology, Energetics and Regulation of Primary Plant Metabolism Processes')

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2008
End date: 12/2010

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