Conflict, Religion and Social Order in Tibet and Inner Asia (Veranstaltung: 18.11.- 19.11.05, Berlin))

This interdisciplinary and international conference brings together anthropologists, political scientists and regional/ area studies experts in order to discuss the transition from socialism, the effects of modernisation and economic change, and the existence of ethnic conflicts in the regions of Tibet and Inner Asia. The emergence, strategic use, and management of conflict and violence by local groups in these areas will be explored, as well as the evidence of change, adaptation and social continuity in the face of such developments. For the first time, the Tibetan region will be placed at the centre of such an enquiry, in order to explore the links and contrasts with other parts of the greater region of Inner Asia.

Huber, Antoni Prof. Dr. (Details) (Tibetologie)

Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

Projektstart: 11/2005
Projektende: 11/2005


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