Asia-Europe Workshop: Locating the Communal in Asian Land Ternure (Veranstaltung: 15.06.-17.06.2006, Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam)

Asian land tenure has often been portrayed as 'communal'. The idea is that many land tenure systems in Asia reserve control rights to an organized collectivity, such as a village community. Communal land tenure has remerged at the fore of debates about rural development and conservation in recent years in Asia. China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, among others, explore land policies that combine communal control with individual land use rights. Concurrently, European research and development policy has paid new attention to communal land tenure. This workshop takes advantage of the new renewed interest in Asia and Europe to bring together researchers and decision-makers from a wide range of countries. They will join forces to locate communal elements in Asian land tenure and examine their relationship with individual elements. The workshop will take place in Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam, in June 2006.

Sikor, Thomas Dr. (Details) (Ressourcenökonomie)

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