International Mobility of Doctoral Students: a comparative study of destination choice

This study examines the university choice patterns of international students at the doctoral level in three major host countries: United States, Germany and Australia. It aims to investigate the students decision-making processes that led them to apply to universities in those countries and to clarify the main factors that attracted them. The analysis takes into account a wide range of academic, financial, social and environmental factors, such as academic reputation of the institution, quality of research, costs involved, availability of scholarships, etc. Moreover, it will examine the sources of information about the higher education systems and the individual universities used by the students to make their decisions. The research design is comparative and encompasses three similar case studies carried out at the following universities: Humboldt University (Germany), University of Sydney (Australia) and Columbia University (USA). The main methods used are a) qualitative interviews with a sample of students from the three universities and b) an extensive online survey distributed to all doctoral students enrolled at these institutions. This study is expected to contribute to a better understanding of the ongoing international competition amongst countries and universities to recruit research students from overseas.

Schriewer, Jürgen Prof. i. R. Dr. (Details) (Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft I)

Projektstart: 03/2002
Projektende: 02/2007

internationalization of higher education, international student flows, mobility of doctoral students

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