Meal Cultures in Europe - Changes and Exchanges

We invite interested citizens from different EU countries - multipliers for healthy food and cultural exchange - actors from different social groups to take part in this new programme on meal culture.
Life is determined by our everyday nutrition. Meals influence our identity: "You are what you eat" hence, an important issue for our every day life. Thus it is of importance within the scope of the EU integration and an exciting topic of the future.
The workshop deals with traditions and changes of eating habits in different regions of Europe and with the question: What can we learn from each other in a process of exchange?

The eight days workshop will combine theoretical concepts of nutrition with our every day experiences in the preparation and consumption of meals.

Teherani-Krönner, Parto Dr. phil. (Details) (Gender und Globalisierung, insbesondere zu Transformationsprozessen im ländlichen Raum)

Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF)

Projektstart: 02/2011
Projektende: 02/2011

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