The Young Islam Conference

The project "The Young Islam Conference" is a simulation game meant to simulate the "German Islam Coference" (DIK). It is an intervention in the field of political education of young adults, currently in its pilot stage. The target population are high-school and university students aged between 17 and 23 years. We seek to reach a mixing of persons with and without a Muslim migration background. Up to 50 persons can attend the simulation game. A preparatory seminar will introduce the participants critically to the structure, history and main actors of the DIK. Furthermore, the participants will learn more about the social and political
background of Muslim migrants in Germany as well as the political background, negotiations and rhetorics of this field.The project goals are: The pedagogical and intellectual development of young adults, the general highlighting of the role of the DIK and a critical and constructive exchange between research and politics.The two-day preperation seminar will take place at the Humboldt University, Berlin (HU Berlin) and feature researchers and practitioners as contributors. The two-day simulation game will be hosted in the "Bundeshaus" (Berlin), in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). During the game the DIK will be simulated using a concrete and relevant discussion topic (e.g. "Islam education in schools" or "Concepts of prevention against Islamophobia among adolescents"). Following the simulation game, the participants will author a "Policy-Paper" together that is commented upon and then sent to the DIK. Moreover the proceedings of the simulation game will be analysed by a research team, the publication of a research report is planned. We will test a shortened version of the simulation game at a Berlin school beforehand.

Principal Investigators
Foroutan Mahin, Naika Prof. Dr. (Details) (Comparative Analysis of Social Structure)

Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2010
End date: 06/2011

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