Development of antimicrobial additives for wall painting

With this project we intend to increase knowledge in microbial photoinactivation on surfaces. In this field only a few studies have been conducted until now. We aim to develop new photostable and efficient antimicrobial molecules as additives in wall paintings. Although, there are already some paintings with antimicrobial features, their antimicrobial action is limited as they do not inactivate simultaneously bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mold. Portuguese and German research teams comprise complementary research lines aimed at addressing different aspects of photodynamic treatment, and would like to bring together their experiences to the antimicrobial photoinactivation.

Röder, Beate Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. (Details) (Experimentelle Physik (Photobiophysik))


Projektstart: 01/2010
Projektende: 12/2011

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