LD-Skills: Development of learning design skills for enhancing students´key competencies

The project aims to capture a variety of pedagogical models (inquiry-based and problem-based learning) for facilitating the processof strengthening students´key competencies in this fields. This will be achieved through the development, implementation and assessment of a training framework that will provide a means for creating learning activities into a workflow, capture a wide variety of pedagogical models and, provide a vehicle for sharing and re-use of learning design patterns in schools. The main aims of the project are (1) stimulating inquiry and problem based learning as means of strengthening students´acquisition of learning skills, (2) to develop a training framework for teachers, (3) to train teachers about the best ways of representing and sharing lesson plans, (4) develop teacher training materials and (5) develop an evaluation framework.

Tiemann, Rüdiger Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Didaktik für Chemie)

Europäische Bildungsprogramme

Projektstart: 01/2011
Projektende: 12/2012

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