FOR 2409/1: Normenkonflikte - Rechtskonflikte - Systemkonflikte? Über die Bedingungen normativer Konflikte im Völkerrecht (TP 06)

The project investigates how independent third-party actors construct normative conflicts in the concrete setting of international dispute resolution. The guiding intuition is that there is no necessity in understanding a certain coincidence of norms as a normative or interface conflict. Perhaps the same constellation is sometimes seen as a conflict and sometimes not. Throughout the project, a wide range of judicial and quasi-judicial decisions will be examined with a view to better understanding under which conditions a latent interface conflict in a given situation materializes into a manifest interface conflict. Put differently, the project asks: Under which conditions do third-party actors address latent interface conflicts, and what are their argumentative strategies in either solving or avoiding them? This question is approached through scrutinizing the rationale provided by various third-party actors in establishing or rejecting the existence of an interface conflict. Through this approach, the project seeks to establish a typology of possible horizontal interface conflicts in international law that accounts for its contingency, while at the same time gaining insight into argumentative strategies of third-party actors in the identification and resolution of such conflicts.

Möllers, Christoph Prof. Dr. (Details) (Öffentliches Recht / insbes.Verfassungsrecht u.Rechtsphilosophie)

DFG: Forschergruppen

Projektstart: 06/2017
Projektende: 03/2021

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