Using objects from scientific collections in university teaching: praxis, experiences and perspectives

Objects and collections enable unique access to knowledge, experience and praxis. Despite the oft-cited material turn and the diversity of university collections, working with collections has not yet become common practice in the day-to-day work of universities. In 2012 the Mercator Foundation announced SammLehr ─ An Objekten lehren und lernen, (SammLehr ─ using objects in teaching and learning), a competition aimed at increasing the standing of scientific objects in university teaching and establishing this form of knowledge transfer for the long term. The workshop will evaluate the results of the nine winning projects and, based upon them, will discuss and further develop common concepts for the topic areas "object interactions", "object contexts" and "degree programs and curricula".

Principal Investigators
Weber, Cornelia Dr. phil. (Details) (Scientific Collections and Science Communication)

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Duration of Project
Start date: 03/2015
End date: 05/2016

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