SFB 647/2-3: Integrable Stuctures in the Gauge/ String Theory Correspondence (TP B 08/C 05)

Establishing dualities between string and gauge theories is considered to be one of the most important directions of research in mathematical physics. Recent years have seen key advances in uncovering exactly integrable observables in the most prominent case of such a duality, the AdS/CFT correspondence. This project encompasses three specific suggestions for further research into this field: (1) Improving our algebraic understanding of the discovered integrable structures; (2) generalizing the already known infinite volume results to the nite case; (3) exploring to which extent the discovered exact solvability extends to further observables.

Plefka, Jan Prof. Dr. (Details) (Theoretische Physik (Quantenfeldtheorie u. Stringtheorie))

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Projektstart: 01/2009
Projektende: 12/2016


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