Elucidating the Function in Plant Iron Homeostasis and Transport of the VTL Family of Vacuolar Membrane Proteins

In this project we will pursue the investigation of the functions of VTL proteins in iron homeostasis and to establish whether the VTL transporters are suitable tools for increasing the iron storage capacity in plants. The following goals will be pursued: In particular we will investigate the transport characteristics of the VTL transporters and their intracellular localization. VTL transport proteins will be expressed in yeast cells and characteristics of metal transport will be investigated in isolated vacuoles. Furthermore, we will investigate the possibility that over-expression of the VTL proteins in plants could lead to increased iron storage in seeds. Using this approach, we will develop a model for engineering an increase in plant iron for a wide range of plant species.

Principal Investigators
Buckhout, Thomas John Prof. Ph.D. (Details) (Applied Botany)

participating organizational facilities of the HU

DFG: Sachbeihilfe

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2016
End date: 09/2018

Research Areas
Natural Sciences

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