Closed urban modular energy- and resource-efficient agricultural systems

Our vision of an agricultural system in the future is based on the idea of food production in cross-linked, communicating and standardized containers, so called CUBES (closed urban modular energy- & resource-efficient agricultural systems). CUBES form the basis of a food production cycle, which - because of its ISO-compliant, serially stackable basic design and biocybernetic regulation approach - overcomes weaknesses of past agricultural production systems and fits the urban future in an integrative manner. The resulting simple adaptability to quickly developing urban environments, and the system immanent scalability, CUBES may equally be deployed in rural, urban or desertificated areas. The great advantage of CUBES vis-à-vis the conventional form of production is the independence from adverse and non-calculable external factors. The integration principles of different isolated cultivations into a new chain of process is essential for the system, intelligent integration of the single links is decisive. This “smart food evolution” is not limited to spatially neighboring links of the chain of processes, but also includes more remote links. In accordance with modular design principles the system consists of single modules which are all principally mobile and may be combined with a theoretically unlimited number of other links of the chain of process. Combined with corresponding regulation and control measures the production processes may be adapted in an extremely flexible manner to regional and location specific conditions and requirements – interim usage of urban space becomes thus possible without any problems. In 2050 suitable production units will be available worldwide and assuage regional needs. A Triple Zero concept, production without additional energy, without emissions and waste will be pursued. By using CUBES in urban processes a high societal acceptance is sought. Innovations of the will come out at the level of the products as well as the system level.

Principal Investigators
Ulrichs, Christian Prof. Dr. rer. nat.; Dr. rer. agr. (Details) (Urban Plant Ecophysiology)

Other Team Members
Schmidt, Uwe Prof. Dr. (Details) (Section Biological Systems Technology)


Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2017
End date: 02/2018

Research Areas
Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine

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