Cluster: Integrale Konzepte der Katalyse II(D4)

The project includes the development of unprecedented catalytic routes for the synthesis of fluorinated aromatic and heteroaromatic building blocks, which were not available before. These novel fluorinated entities will subsequently be applied for the catalytic generation of ncAAs.

To achieve the envisaged transformations new catalyst precursors will be developed. The investigations involve the preparation of highly reactive boryl complexes for borylation reactions. The obtained borylated aromatics will then be used in cross coupling reactions to target ncAAs. The nickel and palladium catalysts for the latter are characterized by bulky hemilabile coordinating phosphines. In a second approach fluorinated aldehydes will be synthesized by photocatalytic C-H activation reactions mediated by rhodium carbonyl complexes. Studies on a Strecker-like conversion on using these aldehydes and chiral Lewis-acidic catalysts will lead to fluorinated ncAAs. The essential approach in all these investigations is a comprehensive understanding of mechanistic details of the catalytic cycles and key-steps, which will provide the foundation for the enfolding of new catalytic processes.

Principal Investigators
Braun, Thomas Prof. Dr. (Details) (Inorganic Chemistry)

Participating external organizations

DFG-Exzellenzinitiative: Cluster

Duration of Project
Start date: 11/2012
End date: 10/2017

Research Areas
Anorganische Chemie

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