Multiphoton processes using plasmonics: Towards advanced nanobiophotonics

The aim of this project is to explore novel spectroscopic strategies based on multi-photon excitation. In order to overcome low-signal problems related to multi-photon spectroscopy, we will exploit plasmonics and perform multi-photon spectroscopy in the enhanced local optical fields of gold- and silver nanostructures. I propose a combination of three different plasmonics-enhanced two-photon spectroscopic methods for multimodal two-photon sensing and imaging. This combination can provide information on morphological structures and function of biological systems along with chemical information about molecular composition, structure, and interactions. A key aspect of this new concept will be the implementation of spectroscopically multifunctional nanosensors with plasmonic nanoparticles as basic building blocks. Following multi-photon excitation, these sensors deliver information on their environment inferred from a set of multiple surface-enhanced spectroscopic signatures.

Kneipp, Janina Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Physikalische Chemie)

Europäische Union (EU)

Projektstart: 01/2011
Projektende: 12/2015

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